Who we are

Bifm is a wholly owned subsidiary of Botswana Insurance Holdings Limited (BIHL);one of the largest listed companies on the Botswana Stock Exchange. The initial listing of BIHL was in 1991.  BIHL’s  controlling shareholder is Sanlam (58%), a South African-based financial services company which is arguably one of the largest players in the industry and is also listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange.

The remaining 42% of BIHL shares is held by the Botswana public (mainly pension funds). This shows that BIFM boasts the broadest local ownership by virtue of being a wholly owned BIHL subsidiary.

Bifm was founded in 1975 as Botswana’s first “Fund” manager. Its establishment coincided with the start of a period of tremendous growth in the Botswana economy. The growth of Bifm  accelerated as the years went by, as  illustrated by the fact that in 1998 the company was handling around P770-million in assets under management. By 2001 this number had more than doubled to some P2-billion. Today, our Assets Under Management have grown to over P23 billion as at end of June 2014.

Bifm is a pioneer in asset management and manages in access of P23 billion in assets across a number of classes namely; equity, fixed income, property and alternative investments. Bifm has also invested in non-traditional assets like in the healthcare industry, tourism sector through KYS Investments, and property development activities.

Through a joint venture Bifm owns 50% of Khumo Property Asset Management Limited, which is responsible for the management of a property portfolio, including that of  major local pension funds, Airport Junction Shopping Centre and Railpark Mall to mention a few.

Based in Botswana, Bifm owns 49% of an operation in Zambia that trades under the name ‘Aflife Zambia’ which specialises in asset management and employee benefits.  Still in Zambia, BIFM owns a majority stake in a property investment company called Quantum Assets Zambia Ltd.