What we do

We provide financial solutions to individual and institutional clients. These solutions include investment, asset management, liquidity, alternative investments, savings and linked products, property asset management and capital market activities.

One of the key challenges Bifm has faced for long has been the shortage of prime local investment opportunities for the pension fund monies entrusted to it. So, Bifm is always looking for ways to invest client funds locally that will bring good returns. So, when the opportunity arose to participate in the Public Private Partnerships (PPP) with the Botswana Government, Bifm took that opportunity and was the first asset management who won the winning bidder in the design, building, finance and maintenance of the new office accommodation for the Ombudsman and Lands Tribunal, Ministry of Works & Transport and the new SADC headquarters.

The position that Bifm has taken with regards to investments have been ground breaking in a Botswana context: We invested in the country’s first private hospital; in the second five-star hotel; in shopping malls when Botswana had no malls; in the country’s first five-star commercial office park and now the PPP to add onto the many milestone firsts. Most recently, Bifm has been involved in the development of two major landmarks in Botswana, namely Railpark Mall and Airport Junction Shopping Centre.

Effectively, Bifm uses Botswana savings to build Botswana – and that’s great news for our economy.