Unit Trust: What? Why? Who? How? When?

What are they?

Unit trusts are just another way of investing to grow your money. In the same way as you can invest your money in a fixed deposit at the bank, or buy shares on the stock exchange, or buy property; you have the option to invest your money in unit trusts.

Why should I invest in them as opposed to any other type of investment?

Unit trusts have a number of benefits that make them better than other investment vehicles:

Eggs in a lot of baskets: The valuable life lesson that we mustn’t put all our eggs in one basket, is relevant to unit trust investments as well. When you invest in a unit trust, your money is invested in a lot of different things at the same time. Depending on the type of unit trust you choose, it is possible to be invested in cash, bonds, property & shares – all at the same time. This has the benefit of ensuring that you do not suffer major financial loss should one of your eggs break, as they are all in different baskets.

Access to experts: a unit trust allows you to invest as little as P200, but still have your money looked after by investment professionals who would otherwise not be accessible, as good fund managers require large sums of money to be able to invest efficiently.

Protection of your money & transparency: unit trusts are very strictly regulated by NBFIRA, who set rules on how and where your money can be invested. This makes them a safe investment, which is not prone to fraud. Unit trust fees are also very transparent, with all initial fees and annual management fees disclosed to the client.

Who can invest in unit trusts?

Anybody can invest in unit trusts - both individuals and companies; as well as trusts, partnerships, burial societies, consortiums and even metshelo!

You can also invest in them for many different personal reasons, for example:

  • You can arrange with payroll to have your 13th cheque invested in unit trusts
  • You can save for your childrens’ school fees through unit trusts
  • You can save for retirement through unit trusts
  • When you retire, you can invest your 1/3 cash payout in a unit trust fund of your choice
  • You can save for your family’s annual holiday through unit trusts

How do I go about investing in unit trusts?

Investing in unit trusts is very easy! You can either invest a lump sum, or set up a monthly debit order. Minimum investments vary depending on which fund you have chosen, but you can invest as little as a lump sum of P1,000 or a debit order of P200!

You would need to:

  • Complete the application form
  • Give us a cheque for the amount you want to invest, or authorize a debit order on your account
  • Give us your ID, proof of residence and proof of bank account

Once invested, BIFM Unit Trusts will issue you a welcome letter & statement.

When is the best time to invest in unit trusts?

NOW is the best time to consider investing in unit trusts!

Whether you are just starting out in life and in your career, already have a family, considering retirement or already retired, there is a unit trust fund that can suit your needs.

What funds does BIFM Unit Trusts have, that I can invest in?

BIFM Unit Trusts has 4 funds that one can invest in. They differ according to minimum investments and risk profile:


Risk Profile

Low risk

Minimum Investment

P1,000 Lump sum or

   P200 debit order


Cash, Call accounts, fixed deposits

Yield as at Dec 31 2013

4.01% pa

Interest Frequency


Recommended Investment Period

12 months or less


Risk Profile

Medium risk

Minimum Investment

P1,000 Lump sum or

   P200 debit order


Cash, bonds, shares (both local & offshore

Rerurn as at Dec 31 2013

22.09% pa

Interest Frequency

June & December

Recommended Investment Period

1 -5 years +


Unit trusts have no fixed investment period -  you can invest in them for as long as you want

You can start and stop your investment as and when you wish

You will access to view your account and statements

No withdrawal fees will be payable when you dis-invest

You can switch between the funds at no cost

Contact BIFM Unit Trusts for more information:

Phone: (+267) 395 1564

Website: www.bifm.co.bw

Email: retailservices@bifm.co.bw

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