Pre-Retirement Switch

Fund of Funds

Within BIFM’s stable of products, clients have the option of determining their exposure to the various asset classes/sub funds, providing the flexibility to derive their own asset allocation. In addition, the client has the ability to switch between the unitised sub-funds at will. This product is known as the Fund of Funds.

Key features:

  • Complete flexibility and customised asset allocation based on membership profiling;
  • Objective assessment of performance against relevant benchmarks;
  • Easy and ‘free of charge’ switching between funds;
  • Proactive rebalancing/reallocation;
  • Cost efficiency, and
  • Transaction & Custodial charges all included as one package.

BIFM offers a Pre-Retirement Switch as a product geared towards members that are close to retirement within a pension fund dominated by younger members. This offering utilises our Fund of Funds platform where the client can stipulate a less aggressive asset allocation mainly for capital preservation whilst still benefiting from the upside brought about by more risky assets. This arrangement is a truly client-centric solution that meets clients’ requirements particularly where clients need to have a globally balanced mandate for younger members and another mandate for near retirement members. This can be structured as either a pooled or a segregated mandate.