Lion Park fun for Holy Cross Hospice kids

Botswana Insurance Fund Management (BIFM) has once again joined forces with Holy Cross Hospice for a little more pre-Christmas merry-making. BIFM staff, led by CEO Tiny Kgatlwane, treated 27 children cared for at the Hospice’s Day Care Centre in Village to a day out at the Lion Park on Thursday 4th December 2014. The fun day out sought to bring smiles to the kids’ face and get them into the Christmas spirit enjoyed by so many others.

“We’ve come to that time of year when everybody looks forward to fun, love, joy and celebrating with their loved ones. Unfortunately, not all Batswana are fortunate enough to be blessed with such comforts, and there are so many children forced to deal with harsh realities as no parental figures in their lives and the heartbreak that being an orphaned or vulnerable child comes with. We cannot take that pain or that heartache away permanently, but we can play a role in helping to bring smiles to their sweet faces. Indeed, such fun-spirited time spent with these incredible children is as much an inspiration to us as it is joyous for them, ” said Kgatlwane.

The kids enjoyed an afternoon of fun in the pools and supervised enjoyment of the various rides at the Lion Park resort. Said Ms. Peral Ncube, who manages the Holy Cross Hospice, “It was an incredible day out for the children and one they will not soon forget. With the kind of work that we do, there are so many needs, from monetary assistance for maintenance to actually caring and supporting those across a variety of ages. One often forgets, however, that simply showing a little love to the kids who come through our doors is one of the greatest needs we have”.

Holy Cross Hospice is a community-based hospice that was initiated by the Women Association’s of the Anglican Church. The Hospice caters for 20 outpatients from the Old Naledi and Newstands areas, most of which suffer from HIV/AIDS and cancer. The Hospice runs a day care centre based in Village for children from across Gaborone.

Continued Ms. Ncube, “These are children who have endured a great deal even at this tender age. Having the support of BIFM, from donations to taking time to make our children laugh, is imperative.”

BIFM’s relationship with the Holy Cross Hospice continues to strengthen, with the most recent effort coming in the form of a donation of equipment at the Hospice’s Newstands base.

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