Individual Clients

Unit Trusts


BIFM offers clients the opportunity to invest in a fund or Collective Investment Undertaking funds to suit their savings and investment goals. Your individual goals may be to save or invest, or both: Saving may include putting money aside for the deposit on a house, for education, for a dream holiday, and even for a rainy day.

What are Unit Trusts?

Unit trusts are vehicles in which investors have the opportunity to pool their money together (Collective Investment Undertaking: CIU) with other investors who have similar objectives. This pool of money is managed by experienced investment managers in different assets, such as a wide range of local and international equities, bonds, property and money market instruments.

The various assets purchased are combined into a portfolio, the value of this portfolio at any given time is split into equal portions or units. When you invest in a unit trust you buy a certain amount of units. The price you pay is essentially the market value, daily, of what that unit trust is invested in. Share prices generally rise in a healthy economy, in an ailing economy prices will fall and subsequently so will the prices of units in a unit trust, investors need to be aware of fluctuating share prices.

There are a number of ways a unit trust can help you increase the value of your money. Unit trusts can give you income or capital growth or both. As an investor the decision you make will depend on your specific circumstances: your life stage, investment objective, your risk appetite.