It is important to consider your personal financial circumstances before making an investment in unit trusts.

Set financial goals

You must determine what you are saving/investing towards, for example, a deposit on a home, a holiday or just putting funds aside for a rainy day. Having your financial goals in mind will also help you to determine your investment horizon, i.e. how long you are willing to stay invested for.

Determine your risk appetite

It’s important that you also assess your risk tolerance, i.e. be comfortable with the way your money is invested. You must know how comfortable you are with fluctuations in your investment.
Once you have decided to invest in one of BIFM Unit Trusts’ funds, you may follow the two easy steps:

  • Step 1 - Complete the application form available on the website, or as provided by your Retail Investment Specialist
  • Step 2 - Deposit funds into the designated bank account

Your investment specialist will ensure that your funds are invested and provide you with a confirmation letter.