CSI Programmes

BIHL Trust

The BIHL Board realized that in order to have a sustainable business, the Group needs to give back to the community for worthy causes. In addition, though there are many organizations that perform laudable work in their efforts to assist disadvantaged communities in Botswana, no single corporate could meet the vast amount of need. The board has also taken into consideration that the BIHL Group has been operating in Botswana for over 38 years and though its subsidiaries Bifm, Botswana Life and BIHL Sure! have done what they could in terms of giving back, however more needed to be done.

It was therefore decided that BIHL would give 1% of post- tax profit arising out of wholly owned Botswana subsidiaries to the BIHL Trust to meet its objectives of empowering communities to be sustainable and alleviating poverty. A board of trustees was appointed by the BIHL board to oversee the work of the Trust.

The particular Vision 2016 pillar that the Trust aligns its assistance with is the pillar of “A compassionate, just and caring nation”. The dignity and hope the Trust aims to kindle and nurture through worthy projects are in the following areas; Education, Arts & Culture, Sports, Social and Welfare Development, Health and social security.

So, through the BIHL Trust, Bifm gives back 1% of profit to deserving communities with the view of alleviating poverty and uplifting Batswana. Through this initiative, Bifm’s contribution has assisted in the following projects:

Gamodubu Child Care Trust

Gamodubu Child Care Trust is a centre for orphaned and vulnerable children who are mostly also living with HIV and Aids. The Centre offers an out of school program that includes, but is not limited to feeding and also ensuring the children take their medication and have access to regular check-ups...

Adopt a School

During the second quarter of 2012 BIHL Trust, in partnership with Sebilo Book Services, undertook a project of adopting non performing primary schools and developing libraries as an aid to enhance learning and to also encourage the kids to take up reading in a fun environment. The Trust has...

BIHL Thomas Tlou Scholarship

Professor Thomas Tlou is a renowned historian and educationalist, having left an incredible legacy amongst Batswana. Professor Tlou, born in Gwanda in the then southern Rhodesia in 1932 was the first born son of Mangisa Malapela Tlou and Moloko Nare. The BIHL Trust actively supports the heritage of...

Maru-a-Pula OVC Fund

The Orphan and Vulnerable Children’s (OVC) Program provides full scholarship to orphans and vulnerable children who demonstrate the academic ability to thrive at a world-class learning institution such as Maru-a-Pula, but who cannot afford the costs. The scholarship covers tuition, boarding, all...

Thapong Visual Arts Centre

BIHL Trust supported Thapong Visual Arts Centre to conduct workshops in Bobonong, Tsabong, Gumare and Letlhakeng. The theme of these workshops was ‘Improving Rural Livelihood through the Visual Arts’ and the objective of the workshop was to bring together young and old artists to nurture the talent...

Housing Projects

Assistance was given to the Department of Social Welfare to build houses for some needy families in various parts of the country, namely Artesia, Molepolole, Masingwaneng and Letlhakeng. All the houses were successfully handed over to the respective families.

Thuso Rehabilitation Centre

A combi was donated to Thuso Rehabilitation Centre, based in Maun. The centre requested the combi to transport their patients (mostly disabled people, who require rehabilitation) to and from the centre.

Ghanzi Projects

Two projects were given sewing equipment to increase their capacity to deliver on the orders for primary and secondary school uniforms that they were given by the government schools in the area. The other two projects had bakery equipment donated to them, also increasing their capacity to deliver...

Bakgatla Bolokang Matshelo

Bakgatla Bolokang Matshelo is an organization based in Mochudi village with a mandate to provide home based care to people living with HIV/Aids and to also extend the same care to the elderly in the village. BIHL Trust assisted BBM by drilling a borehole to enable them to increase their capacity in...

Bana Ba Metsi School

The BIHL Trust has partnered with Bana Ba Metsi School to assist them in building a computer lab, a kitchen and to connect electricity to the school. The students were hands on in the project as they assisted in the building of the structures while BIHL Trust provided the funds for all the...