2015 And your Personal Finances

The beginning of a new year provides the perfect opportunity for reflection and re-organization of your finances. Follow these tried and tested ways to be a better financial manager in 2015! LEAVE 2014 HABITS BEHIND The Christmas season is a season of spending, sometimes overspending! On gifts, food, travel and niceties. As a result, the months of...

Wealth Management – The Path to Financial Independence

Wealth Management – The Path to Financial Independence The increasing complexity of financial markets and products calls for investors to be savvier in the management of their finances. The path to financial independence dictates for careful planning and prudent financial decisions to be made though out one’s life time. Start Early, Start Young...

Unit Trust: What? Why? Who? How? When?

What are they? Unit trusts are just another way of investing to grow your money. In the same way as you can invest your money in a fixed deposit at the bank, or buy shares on the stock exchange, or buy property; you have the option to invest your money in unit trusts. Why should I invest in them as opposed to any other type of investment? Unit...