BIFM Pula Money Market Fund

The Fund is a money market fund domiciled in Botswana, priced in Botswana Pula, which shall invest predominantly in short term yield instruments and cash, which results in a fund with low risk levels. The fund will additionally invest in unitized funds and enhanced-yield instruments, and will utilize derivative instruments to hedge out any foreign currency risks.

The fund will be managed according to the following benchmark: Average Pula Call Rate +1%.

The fund aims to provide high levels of income, with a low risk profile. It caters for the investment needs of the investor looking to preserve their capital and ensure liquidity in BWP. The fund is a capital preservation
fund that invests in low risk assets with maturity periods of less than one year.

The BIFM Money Market fund invests in Call and Fixed deposits and Treasury Bills. We actively manage the portfolio, by seeking yield enhancing assets, without compromising the risk and maturity profile of the fund.

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