BIFM Balanced Prudential Fund

The Fund is a balanced fund domiciled in Botswana, priced in BWP, which shall invest in listed Botswana and global equities, Botswana and global bonds, Botswana and global property, Botswana and global derivatives, and Botswana and global money market instruments and cash, which results in a fund with moderate risk levels. A maximum of 70% of the funds will be invested in offshore assets, with the remainder invested in Botswana assets. A maximum of 75% of the funds will be invested in equities. The fund can have a flexible asset allocation.

The fund will be managed according to the following benchmark (weightings add up to 100%):

  • 40% MSCI (Morgan Stanley Capital Index) World Index
  • 20% BGABI (Barclays Global Aggregate Bond Index)
  • 25% DCI (Domestic Companies index)
  • 10% FABI (Fleming Aggregate Bond Index)
  • 5% Botswana Average Pula Call Rate

The objective of the Fund is to provide long-term capital growth, by investing in a diversified range of assets, to have a moderate risk profile, and to cater for the investment needs of the average investor saving for retirement. The fund actively manages asset allocation, and invests in domestic and global equities, bonds, cash and other assets.

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